An SF-based Product Designer who is interested in emerging technologies and social impact. I recently completed my Master’s in Interaction Design(HCI) at California College of the Arts. I have over three years of human-centered design to solve complex problems in diverse domains. I believe design brings positive impacts when we define opportunities for change that empower society’s voiceless and marginalized populations.


In the past, I studied industrial design, which broadened my design perspective on solving problems for the target user to conceptualize ideas and improve usability by understanding interaction points on digital products. Upon reflection, my past work opportunities and my coursework in cultural studies have helped me refine my philosophy for design — I realized the importance of compassion and meeting people where they are to create meaningful products or services. I want to influence positive and enriching experiences. I am deeply passionate about the experience of cultural diversity in everyday life. I am eager to explore the visual narratives of human beings — through culture, places, and things — and seek to integrate them into my designs with love.

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CCA MDes program offered a clear structure that encompasses the
right engagement with particular problems to identify the people’s relationships in design principles. I practiced design methodologies to communicate creative and thoughtful solutions with various tools.


According to the CliftonStrengths Assessment at Gallup, my five strengths are:

  1. Intellection - "characterized by their intellectual activity."
  2. Input - "having a craving to know more."
  3. Learner - "a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve.”
  4. Adaptability - "prefer to go with the flow.”
  5. Ideation"fascinated by ideas to find connections.”