BRIDGEOOD: Redesign Vip Event Page

BRIDGEGOOD Creatives, local businesses, members of the design community visiting BRIDGEGOOD

UX/UI Designer, Illustrator

Project Lead: Shaun Tai
Designers: Hailey Miller, Kristina Kolesnikova, Kyung Bae Kim, Omar Sinada 
Engineer: Trung Huynh

3 Weeks

How might we Increase excitement and draw users to the VIP Events?

We are currently focusing on the Engagement and Retention categories of the HEART framework. BRIDGEGOOD offers exclusive access to VIP events that include visits to Salesforce, Google, Adobe, and Gensler. This is a huge draw for people to become a BG creative and grow their Silicon Valley network. The current VIP events page lacks excitement and engagement.

We want to redesign the page to promote event registration and call attention to this opportunity. An issue we face with this feature is creatives with an unoptimized portfolio, with no profile picture or projects uploaded, are signing up for events and taking the place of creatives who are actively using the site. 

Interviews with BRIDGEGOOD Creatives revealed the following key insights:

  • Creatives view the VIP Events feature as the most helpful and transformative for building their network and career.
  • The current page lacks excitement and engagement — what really are the VIP Events?
  • Creatives would like to see the VIP Events displayed in a more organized and straightforward way.

We collaborated and redesigned the VIP Access page with clear and easy to read event details as well as eye-catching illustrations. We conducted an interview with the Project Lead to determine (our design strategy) what he wants to see he wants from the feature — what has been working and what improvements he wants to see.

We focused on the focal points of the page and really showing what the events are all about and what can be gained from attending. We want to show that these events are a great introduction to the tech industry, an opportunity to learn from industry professionals, and to network. 

Based on user feedback, we whiteboarded on the most compelling content. We completed rounds of Crazy 8s to generate various layouts of text and images.


We created wireframes in low, medium, and high fidelity for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Wireframe 01 – 1
Wireframe 01
Wireframe 02 – 1
Wireframe 02 – 2
Wireframe 01 – 2
Wireframe 01 – 3
Wireframe 02 – 3
Wireframe 02 – 4

While researching for this design, we did a competitive analysis of companies such as Eventbrite and AIGA San Francisco to gain an understanding of how other companies are drawing users to their events. We did an extensive brainstorming session and created multiple How Might We’s as a jumping-off point. We ultimately did Our Crazy 8’s exercise to generate ideas on How Might We increase excitement and draw users to the VIP Events. Once we had sketches laid out, we could evaluate ideas and begin voting on which ones to move forward.

After developing a medium and hi-fi prototype, we redefine how to prompt the users who have an empty profile to optimize their bio and portfolio before they sign up for the event. We built a screen showing 3 Steps to be completed before proceeding to registration — upload profile photo, add a project and follow 3 creatives.


BRIDGEOOD: Refine Onboarding Page

BRIDGEGOOD creatives signing up for the site

UI Designer

Project Lead: Shaun Tai
Designers: Hailey Miller, Kyung Bae Kim
Engineer: Trung Huynh

1 Weeks

How Might We make the onboarding process more streamlined?

  • What were the pain points?
  • Was the process straightforward?

The users said it was overwhelming — too much to look at — they were not compelled to take time to really read and answer the questions accurately.

We got feedback from creatives to get their opinion of our current onboarding process and how they thought it could be improved. 

Our solution was to design a streamlined process with UI to be cohesive with the site’s rebranding. We also used a copy of the project lead for questions and dialogue to optimize text size, style, and color.